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With the global risk from coronavirus, we are proactively working with government agencies to ensure a safe and secure environment for our berth holders, staff, visitors and local partners and their families.

Steps taken include continuing to operate our safe and secure marinas. While our marina reception remains open, visiting customers are requested to wear a mask. Alternatively enquiries can be made by telephone, email or online form.

Regular pontoon and vessel mooring checks are being carried out but if you have any concerns regarding your vessel please contact us and we will be very happy to check anything specific.

For further help, here are Government resources appropriate to our marinas

To be directed to the information offering appropriate travel and quarantine advice, click on the websites below;

Grenada (for Port Louis Marina): 

All visitors arriving in to Grenada either by sea port or by air must be full vaccinated. Click here to read the latest announcement.

  • Register here at Sail Clear.
  • Have a negative PCR test not more than 72 hours before departure from last port
  • Be Fully vaccinated
  • On arrival to Grenada: Visit the health officers with your passports, PCR tests and vaccination cards, prior to customs and immigration
  • Superyachts / Yachts with many crew are advised to use an agent for all clearance procedures.  Please do not hesitate to contact Port Louis Marina for updates
  • Please check here for more general recent travel information.

The closest places to Port Louis Marina that offer PCR testing are:

  1. Qualitech Medical Laboratory
  2. St Augustine Private Hospital and Clinic
  3. Fit for Life Medical Services and Allied Laboratories which offers service calls to boats requiring testing at the marina.

Malta (for Grand Harbour Marina): Government update here.

  • If travelling to Malta via air, click here to review the latest.

Turkey (for Cesme Marina): Government update here, Register Health here and Turkish Government here.

Please note: these websites are updated with Government protocol sporadically and the information is subject to change, so please check back regularly.

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